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Jenkins Brush Company - The Finest Industrial Brushes

When it comes to industrial brushes, M.W. Jenkins' Sons is now well into it's second century of producing the finest, most durable, and most reliable brushes for users worldwide. Since the days of the horsecart, Jenkins has virtually set the pace for industrial brushes in applications that range from heavy duty, high volume manufacturing to aerospace/military, nuclear power and petroleum. In fact, the Jenkins METLKOR® cylinder brushes of all sizes are recognized as some of the finest available in thousands of industries.

Industrial Brushes For Any Application

Jenkins industrial brushes can be designed to apply and remove, clean and arrange, with a fine, delicate touch or abraive power. And, with a wide variety of core and fill materials, Jenkins can custom design and manufacture industrial brushes that meet or exceed your specifications for functionality, durability, and cost efficiency.

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Get the best prices with a blanket PO. Minimum order ONLY $50

Get the best prices with a blanket PO. Minimum order ONLY $50