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Jenkins Brushes are designed for many different industrial cleaning applications. For cleaning almost any conveyor the best cleaning is achieved by using a tufted brush. A tuft is a bunch or bundle of filaments spaced across the surface of the brush. A tufted brush allows you to get filament movement (which does the cleaning) in (4) directions. East, West, North and South, as compared to a coiled strip brush which allows only East and West filament movement.

Conveyor – Tufted conveyor cleaning brushes are used not only to clean your conveyor but to also direct where you want the removed material to go. This material can be directed by using a spiral or herringbone spiral pattern brush.

Sheet – For cleaning sheets or rolls of material your best cleaning is obtained by using a tufted brush with its (4) direction filament movement. You want minimum interference of your brush into your product for longest brush life.

Mold – For cleaning molds or conveyors with flights you get the best cleaning with (2) counter rotating brushes with the trim length 2-1/2” times the depth of the cavity or height of the flights. Stiffness is determined by the diameter of the filaments and height of the trim (length of filament).