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Rotary Brushes

Rotary brushes are brushes that are used by having the brush revolve around an axis. Cylinder brushes, cup brushes and wheel brushes are some examples of rotary brushes.

All of our rotary brushes can be made of all core and fill materials from the softest hair to the most useful synthetic to the stiffest wire or impregnated nylon. Jenkins’ manufactures ESD brushes in all the materials available. Jenkins’ prides itself in recommending and supplying the best brushes for your application. And it is not a channel strip brush. See our PDF Files for sketch blanks under the products category on our website, or call 1 800 BRUSHES to speak to the industries brush experts. You will find we are the most knowledgeable people in the brush industry.

Cylinder Rotary Brushes

Cylinder Rotary BrushCylinder rotary brushes are made of a core, tube, or bar filled radial with filaments. The cores can be made of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass or any specialty metals. Cores can also be made of nylon, polypropylene, PVC, Delrin, PET, Kynar, Teflon, wood and including hi-tech plastics or conductive plastics.

These rotary cylinder brushes can be furnished with shafts or bores for you to mount on your shaft. They can also be made in refillable and non refillable constructions.

Jenkins’ rotary cylinder brushes can be made in almost all of the constructions available. The brushes can be filled with almost any material available. The constructions available are our tufted Metlkor construction (the sturdiest available), coiled strip (the most over specified), wound, staple set, epoxy set, wire drawn and twisted-in-wire.

Wheel Rotary Brushes

Wheel Rotary BrushWheel rotary brushes are very similar to rotary cylinder brushes. If the outside diameter of a brush is larger than the length of the brush than by definition it is a wheel brush.

Rotary wheel brushes can be made of all of the same materials and fill materials as the rotary cylinder brushes. They can also be made in a stamped wheel construction. This is where the brush is held between to stamped material plate.

Cup Rotary Brushes

Cup Rotary Brushes
Cup rotary brushes are made as a circle with a shaft or bore in the center of one side and the hair face on the opposite side. They are rotated in a circular motion on the shaft or shank and are use by pressing the filaments against a substrate. They are very good when increased cleaning is needed in a specific location.