Roll and sheet products often develop static during processing. M.W. Jenkins’ METLKOR Rotary Brushes have been designed to efficiently and effectively remove even microscopic particles of dust and dirt held by static or adhesion to products during the finishing process.

The brush dissipates the static by grounding the charge through the brush filaments and metal brush core to the machinery ground, and the brushing action completes the cleaning of the surface of the product. METLKOR Rotary Brushes have found a wide range of applications in the metal working, food processing, general manufacturing, and industrial fields. Jenkins can also satisfy unique application requirements with custom designed and manufactured versions.

Typical brushes feature 2″ metal cores and are 34″ in length, although a wide range of variations are available. Bristles are a full tuftless pattern of 100% conductive nylon forming a 5″ OD by 32″ brush face. The combination of a perfectly balanced metal core with this highly durable material enhances high speed operation and offers a long service life. Further, the brush can be restored to like-new condition quickly and economically by the factory. Want details? Click here, or contact the Brushworks!