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Jenkins Brushes can be custom designed to put a desired finish or appearance on your products or to remove burrs, fines or shards from your products.

Deburr – Deburring brushes are used to remove chips, fines or pieces of material from your product. Our brushes are up to job to make your product better.

Metal – Metal products are finished by using a wire filled brush or synthetic filled brush to remove burrs or chinging chips or chards from your product. This can be accomplished with one brush rotating on one side of your product or passing in between (2) counter rotating brushes.

Wood – Wood products are finished by brushing with a wire or abrasive impregnated nylon brush to get your desired effect. The products are then brushed with a nylon or natural filament brush to remove dust or chips.

Plastic – Plastic products, be it machined, molded, or extruded are finished by using a brush to remove fines or chips from edges or to break sharp edges. Jenkins Brushes are also used to remove skew from extruded or molded parts.