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Industrial Cleaning Brushes

-Jenkins Brushes are custom designed to clean many different types of conveyors. Whatever your conveyor is made of, be it rubber, urethane, or wire mesh Jenkins Brushes can be designed to clean them. Whatever your unique problems, from static to high temperature your conveyors will be kept clean. For best cleaning use minimum interference and rotate brush 2-3 times the belt speed opposite to the belt travel in very slow applications you may want to go 5-10 times the feed speed. Ideally you want to mount the brush underneath the head pulley to make sure the belt does not move away from the brush.

Industrial Brushes used in Applying

– Jenkins Brushes are also used to apply many materials to belts and to materials conveyed on belts. Our brushes are used to apply talc, water, dust or release agent to conveyor belts and rolled materials.

Industrial Brushes used as Augers

– Brushes are also used as augers or screw conveyors to move material from one position to another. Many times they are used to convey product from one level to another or one conveyor to another.