About Us

M.W. Jenkins' Sons has been designing, developing and producing the finest brushes and brush products for more than 135 years. The company leads the industry in finding new and innovative ways to use brushes in a wide range of manufacturing, scientific, technological, and commercial applications. While the basics of quality brushmaking have remained virtually the same for centuries - the use of the finest materials, precision manufacturing techniques, and 100% inspection - the applications have kept up with, or even anticipated the rapid advances in today's technology.

Brushes, and particularly Jenkins Brushes can be found working hard in space, deep under the sea, underground, in aviation, military and aerospace applications, and in every manufacturing and production discipline worldwide. Jenkins Brushes clean, carry, conduct, apply, ground, grind, move, abrade or protect, separate, filter, combine and most importantly, last. No matter if your application requires a replaceable or refillable product, you'll be more than happy with the constant perfect performance and cost efficiency of the Jenkins' brush.

While Jenkins Brush offers a range of standard configurations and materials, they also offer an impressive design and application engineering resource that can utilize the most exotic materials and technology to solve your application challenge. Jenkins Brush can recommend the right brush for your process, or help you find new and productive ways to use brush technology. Call, e-mail, or use the handy Brushworks form to contact Jenkins Brush today!

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Get the best prices with a blanket PO. Minimum order ONLY $50

Get the best prices with a blanket PO. Minimum order ONLY $50